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DJ Rob in the Sanctuary Radio Newsroom
20th March 2017, 02:18 AM

[tweetmeme]Dark Wave, hosted by Slicing Up Eyeballs’ Matt Sebastian, airs 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. EDT every Sunday on Sirius XM satellite radio’s 1st Wave (http://www.siriusxm.com/1stwave) (Channel 33). The most recent two episodes also are available via Sirius XMs On Demand service (http://www.siriusxm.com/ondemand) for online subscribers.
The Chameleons, “Soul in Isolation” (Strange Times)
The Smiths, “Barbarism Begins at Home” (Meat is Murder)
Revolting Cocks, “Crackin’ Up” (Linger Ficken’ Good)
The Jesus and Mary Chain, “Nine Million Rainy Days” (Darklands)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, “Red Right Hand” (Let Love In)
Tones on Tail, “Happiness” (Everything!)
Play Dead, “Sin of Sins” (The First Flower)
The Glove, “Sex-Eye-Make-Up” (Blue Sunshine)
Colin Newman, “Order for Order” (A-Z)
Joy Division, “Ceremony” (Live) (Still)
Concrete Blonde, “Everybody Knows” (Recollection)
Lowlife, “Again and Again” (Eternity Road)
1919, “Tear Down These Walls” (The Complete Collection)
Bauhaus, “Dark Entries” (Live) (Mask: Omnibus Edition)
Clan of Xymox, “No Words” (Clan of Xymox)
The Gruesome Twosome, “Hallucination Generation” (Candy From Strangers)
Wolfsheim, “The Sparrows and the Nightingales” (No Happy View)
The Cult, “The Snake” (Love: Omnibus Edition)
The Cure, “Like Cockatoos” (Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me)
Soft Cell, “Sex Dwarf” (Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret)
The Mission, “1969” (Live) (The First Chapter)
Depeche Mode, “Everything Counts” (Live) (101)
The Chameleons, “Up the Down Escalator” (Script of the Bridge)
Gary Numan, “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” (AllSaints Basement Sessions)
Swell Maps, “Whatever Happens Next…” (Jane From Occupied Europe)
Pixies, “Caribou” (Come On Pilgrim)
Nine Inch Nails, “Burning Bright (Field on Fire)” (Not the Actual Events)
Die Warzau, “Strike to the Body” (Strike to the Body)
Ministry, “Breathe” (The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste)
The Birthday Party, “Junkyard” (Live) (Live 81-82)
Morrissey, “Driving Your Girlfriend Home” (Kill Uncle)
Marc and the Mambas, “Torment” (Torment and Toreros)
The Wolfgang Press, “Cut the Tree” (Lonely is an Eyesore)
Pale Saints, “Sight of You” (The Comforts of Madness)
Anne Clark, “Wallies” (Changing Places)
Mary My Hope, “Communion” (Museum)
The Damned, “New Rose” (Damned Damned Damned)
The Sisters of Mercy, “Walk Away” (First and Last and Always)
Love and Rockets, “The Dog-End of a Day Gone By” (Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven)
Cult Hero, “I’m a Cult Hero” (Seventeen Seconds)
This Mortal Coil, “Acid, Bitter and Sad” (Dust & Guitars)
Siouxsie and the Banshees, “Hall of Mirrors” (Through the Looking Glass)
The Chameleons, “Perfume Garden” (What Does It Mean? Basically)
Requests for next week? Please leave them in the comments below.


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