View Full Version : Destruction Show, the new Extinction Front's album already released

24th August 2010, 05:04 AM

"Destruction Show" is the new Extinction Front's work, an album focused on the dance floor and intended to conquer the European scene with an extraordinary mixture of brutal, harsh beats, modern electrosynth arrangements and fatalistic lyrics on the edge of the apocalypse.

Ten tracks of full power, including remixes by Soman and Imperative reaction which promise to become genuine hits. This release also includes the video clip "Shut the fuck up!" plus hidden extras for your eyes only.

Destruction Show is a different and innovative vision from the Spanish industrial scene.


01. Second Penetration
02. Shut the Fuck Up!
03. Destruction Show
04. The Final Attack
05. 3,2,1, Boom!
06. Capsula Activada
07. Roll the Dice
08. Integrity of Behaviour
09. The Final Attack (remixed by Soman)
10. Shut The Fuck Up (remixed by Imperative Reaction)

You can watch the "Shut the fuck up!" clip here.

To purchase the album, follow this link.