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  1. Depeche Mode documentary film ‘Spirits in the Forest’ to be shown in theatres for one night only on November 21
  2. Skotofobin release industrial / metal debut EP ‘Stadt’
  3. Gyakusatsu and Misa Tridente (plus I. Enrich) united on ‘Split’ cassette release
  4. Brand new Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds to be released next week: ‘Ghosteen’
  5. KL Dark Records launches brand new Neustrohm EP: ‘Red alert’
  6. Music in Slot Games: Charming the Competition
  7. ‘Click Interview’ with Nevel: ‘I Wanted To Create My Own Orb Track’
  8. Mental Exile debuts blood filled video for ‘Renegades’
  9. The Awakening release live footage from tour with Wayne Hussey
  10. SYZYGYX premieres ‘Dangerous Creatures’ exclusively on Side-Line
  11. ‘Click Interview’ with Hocico: ‘The World Is Turning To A Dark Place Due To The Misuse Of Our Technology’
  12. Like Listening to Background Music? Here’s Why…
  13. French electropop stars Celluloide return with brand new single ‘Quelque Chose S’Efface’ on 7 inch and video
  14. 5 Tips On How To Become A Songwriter
  15. Die Krupps return with a new album in November: ‘Vision 2020 Vision’ – order your vinyl edition already
  16. Cygnosic to launch ‘Epiphany’ LP in October and goes on tour with Nachtmahr and labelmates C-lekktor
  17. Mexican darkwave/post-punk act Acid Fader releases live video for ‘Innocence’ – watch it here
  18. Technolorgy hits back with ‘Inevitably Versatile’ 2CD set (the first 200 copies that is)
  19. New Blutengel mini-album to be released in 3 formats
  20. Agonoize returns with ‘Blutgruppe Jesus (-) / Schmerzpervers 2.0’ EP and video – watch it here
  21. a-ha to play the USA for the first time in 10 years
  22. The Legendary Pink Dots offer double 30th anniversary vinyl edition of ‘The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse’ – only 250 copies!
  23. Black Tape for a Blue Girl announces crowdfunding campaign for 30th Anniversary reissue of ‘Ashes in the brittle air’
  24. French cult artist Desireless publishes new book, ‘Jardin Secret’
  25. Project Pitchfork continues reissue series with 2 more sets
  26. Swedish darkwave project Sjöblom covers Alphaville on new EP ‘A victory of love’
  27. Swedish post-punk / indie / goth act A Projection to release ‘Section’ at the end of October
  28. Yann Tiersen announces career-spanning album including 3 new songs and 25 newly recorded tracks
  29. Legendary Belgian EBM project Pro Patria returns with 3rd full length!
  30. ‘Click Interview’ with A Spell Inside: ‘We Live The Ideal Of An Independent Band’
  31. Out now: First album Mental Exile (solo project Mondträume singer) – preview the full album
  32. Magne Furuholmen (a-ha) releases limited art edition vynil of newest album ‘White Xmas lies’ – Price €150
  33. Miss FD releases new music video ‘Spitfire’ – watch it here
  34. ‘Click’ Interview with Iris: ‘Chasing Trends Doesn’t Work Well For Us’
  35. ‘Click Interview’ with It’s For Us: ‘I’ve Always Been Writing For Some Kind Of Therapy’
  36. DIE KRUPPS – Welcome To The Blackout
  37. Mindless Faith releases new album ‘Insectual’ + video for ‘Moth without a Moon’
  38. Italian noise-rock duo OvO signs to Artoffact Records
  39. ‘a-ha The Movie’ premiere and new Norwegian concerts announced
  40. Camouflage sees ‘Methods Of Silence’ re-released in a 30th anniversary limited edition on November 1st
  41. Finish dark wave act Ten After Dawn announces release ‘Club’ single
  42. Renaud Bajeux debuts on Nahal Recordings with ‘Magnetic Voices From The Unseen’ – check it out
  43. Throbbing Gristle sees another reissue: ‘The Reformation Years’
  44. Irmin Schmidt (CAN) announces ltd. edition vinyl release of ‘Villa Wunderbar’ + European dates announced
  45. Mortiis announces new release: ‘Spirit Of Rebellion’ + 2020 US tourdates announced
  46. Casino Music, What it is, Why it’s There
  47. New EP from Beranek: “Oscillator Orkester” – a refreshing mix of orchestral electronics and Bowie tributes
  48. Side-Line exclusive: new videoclip of Black Plastic
  49. Blancmange 80s backcatalogue reissued in vinyl boxset ‘The Blanc Tapes’ including lots of bonus tracks
  50. Holeg Spies returns with new album after 10 years: ‘Axis Mundi’ – check it out
  51. ‘Click Interview’ with Empirion: ‘Keeping The Same Essence Was Important To Us’
  52. Simple Minds fans ‘stalked and threatened’ by brother of lead singer Jim Kerr
  53. Heimataerde returns with ‘Tanz’ EP on November 29
  54. How Casino operators are trying to evolve with popular music genres?
  55. The Second Sight return with brand new single – new album out soon as well
  56. Back with a new album: Agonoize ! Watch the trailer for ‘Midget Vampire Porn’
  57. ‘Click Interview’ with Gutenberg: ‘“Tanz Mit Laibach” Is The Best Industrial Anthem’
  58. How To Choose The Right Acoustic Guitar For You
  59. Dirty Vocoder (project by Escape With Romeo frontman) offers brand new video and single for ‘Cocaine Dawn’
  60. ‘Click Interview’ with The Ritualists: ‘Music For Me Was So Sacred, The Practicing Of It, Became A Type Of Ritual’
  61. Final Fall – Capitalizm (Cassette Album – Low Noise Productions)
  62. ‘Face The Beat: Session 5’ out now and immediately goes into Top 3 most popular releases on Bandcamp
  63. ‘The history of industrial music: The Chicago way’ documentary launches kickstarter for final phase of funding for 2020 release
  64. Blackhouse selectively compiled on ‘One Man’s Collection 1984-89’ with exclusive bonus track
  65. Russian futurepop / synthpop band Mental Discipline launches brand EP ‘Empty’ – listen here
  66. ‘Click Interview’ with Velvet Acid Christ: ‘I Think Wumpsut Is Simply The Best Industrial Musician Who Ever Made Music’
  67. Pots-punk act Twin Tribes announces new album ‘Ceremony’ – watch video for new song ‘The River’
  68. Stars Crusaders joins SkyQode family of artists – new single and videoclip in the making
  69. Laibach announce ‘Party Songs’ EP – Watch the video for the first track
  70. Adam X releases first album as Traversable Wormhole: ‘Regions of Time’ LP
  71. Available for free download: Circumpolar’s track ‘Until the End of Time’ (Face The Beat: Session 5 profile series)
  72. Swedish GHØS†BØY to launch ‘Disgusting’ EP on October 31st, 2019 on Venus Aeon
  73. Cabaret Voltaire announce ‘Methodology ’74-’78. Attic Tapes’ on vinyl in a ltd edition of 500 copies
  74. NØIR set to release new EP ‘A Pleasure’ incl. Fad Gadget cover
  75. Available for free download: AD
  76. EBM act ELM releases brand new album today! Check out all of the tracks of ‘Extreme Unspoken Tension’
  77. Pouppée Fabrikk hit back with a 2-track single: ‘Only Control’ (including a Spetsnaz remix!)
  78. Available for free download: Aesthetische’s track ‘Berlin’ (Face The Beat: Session 5 profile series)
  79. Interview with Bernard Van Isacker on the ‘Face The Beat’ series: ‘Charting with smaller bands? It’s possible, this compilation has proven it.’
  80. Available for free download: Aiboforcen’s track ‘In My Arms (Ocean Mix)’ (Face The Beat: Session 5 profile series)
  81. Yann Tiersen releases newly recorded version of ‘Rue des Cascades’ from 1997
  82. ‘Click Interview’ with Boytronic: ‘It’s Just A Part Of My Life… But Not Everything’
  83. Electronica duo Komputer reboot for London show
  84. Interview with Shane Aungst – DJ behind the Face The Beat 5 Megamix
  85. The Membranes song ‘Nocturnal’ gets the remix treatment by Kitty Lectro – watch the video
  86. Black Line (feat. Nitzer Ebb members) to release new single ‘Layers’
  87. Collection D’Arnell-Andréa enter winter with ‘A Recrafted Winter’
  88. Nachtmahr hits back with ‘Flamme’ in January 2020 – first details!
  89. Available for free download: AL’s track ‘Litany’ (Face The Beat: Session 5 profile series)
  90. Coil’s 1992 album ‘Stolen & Contaminated Songs’ gets reissue on CD + two vinyl editions
  91. Folkstorm completes Folkstormish trilogy with new ‘Nihil Total’ album
  92. Available for free download: Antibody’s track ‘Secrets’ (Face The Beat: Session 5 profile series)
  93. Click Interview’ with Council Of Nine: ‘It Has Always Been Fascinating How One Person Can Manipulate Such A Massive Number Of People’
  94. Mortiis releases album teaser for ‘Spirit Of Rebellion’ – US tour announced
  95. a-ha’s ‘Take On Me’ hits n1 in the UK charts after 34 years (!) + first show in Singapore + first two parts ‘Take On Me’ rockumentary available
  96. Dark-o-matic debutes with ‘New Hope’ album – complete preview available
  97. Synthwave artist Anna Öberg launches brand new video clip for ‘Ich Bin’
  98. Erasure announce a brand new remastered & expanded 3CD edition of ‘Chorus’
  99. ‘Click Interview’ with Numb: ‘I Started Writing Material As A Personal Response To The Social/Political Changes’
  100. London After Midnight reissue 1991 debut album in a new mix and with previously unreleased material
  101. Listen to the brand new single by Stars Crusaders: ‘Army Of Impostors’ – mixed and mastered by Absurd Minds studio wizzard
  102. Available for free download: Auger’s track ‘Find My Own Way Out’ (Face The Beat: Session 5 profile series)
  103. Squarepusher announces new LP, ‘Be Up A Hello’ – listen to first single and ‘Fracture’ remix
  104. white.light.monorail (feat. Informatik / Battery Cage members) returns with all new album and singles
  105. Gothica founder returns with new Shadoworld album – preview the album here
  106. Available for free download: Avarice In Audio’s track ‘Trojan Horse’ (Face The Beat: Session 5 profile series)
  107. ‘Click Interview’ with ImiAFan Vs. 4mg Records: ‘I See Myself More Like A Music Activist. It Is Not About Business At All’
  108. Liebknecht – on Tour with Nitzer Ebb – to launch new album in December, ‘Produkt’ – trailer available now
  109. Peter Ulrich launches new collaborations album in his Collaboration trilogy series: ‘Final Reflections’ – listen to the title track
  110. ‘Click Interview’ with Schultz: ‘Music Is Now More A Commercial Product Than An Art’
  111. The Cassandra Complex re-release 20-year old ‘Wetware’ in a 3 linked releases
  112. Then Comes Silence leave Nuclear Blast and join Metropolis Records – new upcoming album ‘Machine’ being prepared
  113. Voltaire reissues 1998 album ‘The Devil’s Bris’ on vinyl
  114. Lords Of Acid announce ‘Make Acid Great Again 2020 Tour’ with Aesthetic Perfection, Praga Khan and MXMS
  115. Available for free download: Bellhead’s track ‘Fire Control (Ordinary Mammal Remix)’ (Face The Beat: Session 5 profile series)
  116. Optic Oppression launches first track from forthcoming ‘Halfway to Hell’ album exclusively on Side-Line
  117. Darkwave solo artist Caress releases new Song ‘Love’ – listen here
  118. ‘Click Interview’ with Cervello Elettronico: ‘My Biggest Fear Is Nuclear Fallout From War Or Negligence’
  119. Famous Belgian psychologist Dirk De Wachter featured on new album Psy’Aviah
  120. Brand new Esplendor Geometrico album expected in January 2020
  121. Black Tape for a Blue Girl releases first music video in 6 years: ‘In my memories’ – watch it now on Side-Line + interview
  122. How to choose the guitar that’s right for you
  123. Brand new Hanzel Und Gretyl expected next week: ‘Hexennacht’
  124. ‘Click Interview’ with Mental Exile: ‘Mental Exile Is My Way To Talk, To Feel And To See Around Me’
  125. Brand new Chandeen video launched: ‘Vanish’ + new album expected in February 2020
  126. Available for free download: Binary Division’s track ‘Netrunner’ (Face The Beat: Session 5 profile series)
  127. Justo Bagüeste & Suso Saiz work together on ‘Inducing the Pleasure Dreams v2’ LP – check the first preview here
  128. Swedish electro wave act Circumpolar joins Alfa Matrix – the label immediately releases 2 download EPs/singles
  129. Metroland member launches 808 DOT POP solo electropop project with Helalyn Flowers frontwoman Noemi Aurora – 2 download singles available now
  130. Ministry releases ‘Prescripture: The Visual History’ book
  131. Frontwoman Roxette, Marie Fredriksson, is no more – RIP
  132. Rheingold’s Bodo Staiger is no more – RIP
  133. Olivia Louvel back after 3 years in the studio with the album ‘SculptOr [Hepworth Resounds]’ – check out the videotrailer
  134. Early Front 242 style EBM? Check this free download from Bloque Del Sur: ‘Sistema De Autoproteccio
  135. Sacha Korn present new single and video ‘Unsere Kraft’ – check it out
  136. Erasure’s Andy Bell releases ‘Variance III – The Queereteria Remixes’ feat. Bronski Beat remixes – check a first track
  137. ‘Click Interview’ with Mimetic: ‘Techno Is Like Other Styles, Stealing From Others’
  138. Alphaville live in Norway – concert and interview
  139. ‘Click Interview’ with Hymnambulae: ‘Both Hypnagoga Press And Hymnambulae, Are Intended As Lifelong Projects’
  140. Artoffact Records announces the March 6th release of ‘Nostalgia’, the new album by post-punk act Spectres
  141. Mortiis unleashes new video for ‘A Dark Horizon’
  142. New Jersey – A Mecca For Live Alternative Music!
  143. ‘Click Interview’ with Deutsch Nepal: ‘I Always Wanted To Create The Music That Wasn’t Yet Around’
  144. ‘Click Interview’ with Psy’aviah: ‘I Don’t Get Why People Are So Hung Up On The Fact A Band Has To Stick To One Genre’
  145. ‘Click Interview’ with Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio: ‘“Let’s Play” As I See It, Is The Final Form Of Apocalyptic-Pop’
  146. Benefits of studying at the University of Michigan School of Music
  147. Anatomy paper writing helps to understand the impact of sound on the health of musicians
  148. Miseria Ultimas releases first video from upcoming ‘Graygarden’ album: ‘Allegiance’
  149. a-ha’s iconic video for ‘Take On Me’ gets the 4K resolution treatment – watch it now
  150. Casually You: 7 Tips Men Should Follow for a Sharper, More Stylish Look
  151. Black Nail Cabaret launches all new video for the track ‘No Gold’
  152. ‘Click Interview’ with ELM: ‘The Music Is What Is Important’
  153. Say, “Me!”: 5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies
  154. Available for free download: CattaC’s track ‘Hold On Your Souls’ (Face The Beat: Session 5 profile series)
  155. Dirk Da Davo (The Neon Judgement) and Jean-Marie Aerts (TC Matic) join hands for new album
  156. Greek goth rock cult act Lefki Symphonia returns with brand new single
  157. Squarepusher shares excellent new single: ‘Nervelevers’ – watch the video!
  158. ‘Click Interview’ with Collection D’arnell-Andrea: ‘The Past Really Feeds My Present, And As My Present Will Soon Belong To The Past …’
  159. The Legendary Pink Dots go on 40th anniversary tour in Europe in February 2020
  160. ‘Click Interview’ with First Aid 4 Souls: ‘We Do Not Expect Anything From The Current Music Industry’
  161. And the best songs for 2019 are…
  162. Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan joins Humanist for new single ‘Shock Collar’ – watch the video
  163. Anders Manga returns to his roots with his new album ‘Andromeda’ – check out a first track!
  164. Available for free download: Chrysanth’s track ‘Divine Introversion’ (Face The Beat: Session 5 profile series)
  165. Greece’s synth punk act Mechanimal returns with brand new single and video – new album out in 2 weeks from now
  166. Ambient two-piece Mute Duo unleashes new video – Talk Talk fans, be alerted!
  167. 2 years ago The Cranberries
  168. The Birthday Massacre launches all new album on March 27th: ‘Diamonds’
  169. First three mind.in.a.box albums united on ‘Dreamweb Trilogy’ 6LP box
  170. A Tribute to The Legendary Pink Dots & The Tear Garden hits Bandcamp in February: ‘Love Notes to a Velvet Apocalypse’
  171. Top 7 Rock Songs to Listen to as You Smoke Weed
  172. Front 242 announce tour agenda for 2020
  173. Black Heaven – Suicide Songs (Album – Trisol)
  174. Second annual Absolution Festival announces dates and lineup
  175. Available for free download: Circuito Cerrado’s track ‘Das Ist Laut’ (Face The Beat: Session 5 profile series)
  176. Astari Nite release new song ‘Capulet Loves Montague’ – listen here
  177. Josie Pace teams with Sammi Doll on new video ‘Perfect Replacement’ – watch it here
  178. Ego Likeness sees debut album ‘Dragonfly’ reissued
  179. Cult synth pop act Neuroactive returns – first 2-track single available now!
  180. The new Celluloide album ‘Futur Antérieur’ is out today + new video for ‘La Cité Des Aveugles’
  181. ‘Click Interview’ with Netherworld: ‘Silence Is Essential’
  182. Synthwave project Lights A.M signs with Alfa Matrix and re-releases self-released debut EP ‘Shine Our Lights’ with bonus tracks
  183. ‘Click Interview’ with Empusae: ‘I’m Using Empusae As Personal Therapy’
  184. Italy’s dark electro duo Synapsyche lands brand new download EP: ‘Viva Insanity’ – watch the video for the title track !
  185. PIG on tour with 3Teeth in the UK – check the dates
  186. Paul Kendall offers video for Olivia Louvel’s ‘Must Carve A Stone’
  187. Brand new Miss FD video for ‘Keep Going’ – and keep your motivation up!
  188. Nature announces debut album ‘Voix’ calling it Afro-darkwave/coldwave
  189. Available for free download: Clusters Of Fornication’s track ‘Catacomb Song’ (Face The Beat: Session 5 profile series)
  190. Out now, the newest Rein single ‘Closer to Reality’ – and it’s fucking fat!
  191. Pouppée Fabrikk returns with first all new album since the ’90s: ‘Armén’ – 4 formats available incl. vinyl, ltd CD, download
  192. Exclusive Side-Line premiere of Xentrifuge’s ‘Legions of the Enslaved’ official lyric video
  193. Neuroactive announces first new album since 2015 – check the first 2 tracks
  194. ‘Click Interview’ with Angelspit: ‘Each Album Must Push Something Different’
  195. Then Comes Silence launches video for ‘We Lose The Night’
  196. ESA announces new album ‘Burial 10’ + music video for title track available now
  197. Audiotrauma label closes down after 20 years
  198. Front 242 announces extra EU tour dates
  199. Chris Liebing releases ‘Burn Slow Remixes Pt. 1’ taken from latest studio album ‘Burn Slow’
  200. My Love Kills return with new album ‘Imitatio Dei’
  201. Worst Comic Book Movie Adaptations
  202. The Young Gods offer double vinyl version of 2007 album ‘Super Ready/Fragmenté’
  203. Rammstein’s Till Lindemann launches 2 porn movies, the first one – ‘Platz Eins’ – is available now – have a look!
  204. ‘Click Interview’ with S Y Z Y G Y X: ‘We Don’t Like To Put Ourselves In A Box’
  205. Poppy and VOWWS announce European tour!
  206. Helalyn Flowers returns with brand new single/EP ‘Suicidal Birds’ – available now on Spotify, Bandcamp, …
  207. The Fair Attempts release brand new single ‘Blue Rose Park’ – check it now!
  208. Diamanda Galás announces remastered reissue of debut album, ‘The Litanies of Satan’ on May 1st
  209. Forthcoming album Then Comes Silence mixed by the Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein, Killing Joke, Deathstars, The 69 Eyes)
  210. SHIV-R’s Peter Crane goes solo on ‘That Annihilated Place’ – you can check some of the material here
  211. Front 242 announces ‘Black To Square One’ US Tour 2020 – tickets available now
  212. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult to release 3rd installment in retrospective Sinister Whisperz series: ‘The Rykodisc Years’
  213. ‘Click Interview’ with Agonoize: ‘If Jesus Existed, He Would Have Died For Nothing’
  214. Lords Of Acid launch ‘Make Acid Great Again Tour’ across the US – tour line up announced
  215. Alfa Matrix launches massive download compilation for free – all donations to be used to invest in new bands
  216. ‘Click Interview’ With Greyhound: ‘Technoid Elements Can Be The Salt In The Soup, But Too Much Of It Make It Inedible’
  217. Give-away time: free tickets for the annual massive New Wave Club Class-X Party in Aarschot (BE)
  218. Electro Spectre launches brand new EP and video for ‘Where Two Hearts Meet’ + new album in the making (and it promises to be good again!)
  219. Bauhaus’ David J releases new single ‘I Only Hear Silence Now’ feat. Emily Jane White + tour dates announced
  220. Of The Dark I Dare covers Eurythmics on newest single ‘Sweet Dreams’ – stream it here
  221. Deleyaman – Sentinel (Album – TTO Records)
  222. Alfa Matrix distributing 20 Euro vouchers via Facebook Messenger to celebrate EBM Day
  223. a-ha’s Magne Furuholmen releases brand new video for ‘This is now America’
  224. Using a E-learning Platform for Guitar Chords
  225. New Order and Pet Shop Boys announce co-headline tour
  226. ‘Click Interview’ with Stairway Maze: ‘What Is A Tower Block If Not A Stairway Maze?’
  227. Swedish indie-electro duo Kite launches new track ‘Tranås/Stenslanda’ + video – listen/watch here
  228. ‘Click Interview’ with IC 434: ‘Music Will Probably Always Keep An Important Role In My Life’
  229. Berlin darkwave synth-duo NNHMN launches ‘Shadow in the dark’ album on vinyl on Spanish Oraculo Records
  230. FiXT Neon releases 3rd single from Cyberpunk compilation ‘Altered’: ‘Man Or Machine’ (Feat. Megan McDuffee) by Extra Terra
  231. Venezuela based harsh EBM act Subliminal Code lands first single ‘Malevolencia’ ahead of new album
  232. ‘Click Interview’ with MOYA81: ‘“ESP” Is The Synthesis Of My Life’
  233. How You Can Benefit from Online Dating
  234. What Is the Best Electronic Music for Students
  235. Chandeen releases video for ‘You’re In A Trance (feat. Kitty’ as new album ‘Mercury Retrograde’ is launched
  236. Attrition launches ‘The Great Derailer’ video taken from upcoming album ‘The Black Maria’
  237. March release for new Nytt Land album ‘Cvlt’ – on vinyl and CD + listen to the album teaser
  238. Boytronic to release remix album ‘The Robot Treatment – Remix Pack Piece Of Entertainment and Dancing Wild for You’
  239. Swans announce Summer tour – new album ‘Leaving meaning’ out now on Mute / Young God (N America)
  240. Cult ritual industrial act Zero Kama gets 3LP deluxe boxset treatment
  241. The 10 Best Posthumous Albums By Great Artists
  242. People who win in gambling games
  243. Dead Can Dance’s Lisa Gerrard returns with new collaborative EP with The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices: ‘Shandai Ya / Stanka’
  244. Available for free download: Dark Side Eons’s track ‘Using Me .
  245. Retrowave project 64 Rockets launches debut single ‘Ruhleben’ – check the single out
  246. Gary Numan-approved Kanga reissues ‘Eternal Daughter’ with new bonus tracks via Artoffact Records
  247. ‘Click Interview’ with Reichsfeind: ‘Art Is Supposed To Challenge Yourself’
  248. IAMX launches ‘Surrender’ (video edit) to announce new acoustic album ‘Echo Echo’
  249. Tear Us Apart releases compelling singles, album in the making
  250. ‘Click Interview’ with Traversable Wormhole: ‘I Love Music That Creates Thought Provocative Images’