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  1. ‘Click Interview’ with The Frozen Autumn: ‘We’re Original, That’s For Sure!’
  2. 13:48 23/01/2018 start brand new video documentary ‘Tales of the Dragonhead’
  3. Leaves’ Eyes start brand new video documentary ‘Tales of the Dragonhead’
  4. 2018 marks the return of the cult electro act Xorcist
  5. RIP Front Line Assembly co-writer Jeremy Inkel
  6. The Fall’s frontman Mark E Smith dead aged 60
  7. ‘Click Interview’ with C-Lekktor: ‘I Don’t Compose Music For A Competition Or So’
  8. ‘Click Interview’ with FÄR: ‘Where It Means Colour, We Only Use Black And White’
  9. Serbia’s 80s electro act Psihokratija resurfaces
  10. Moby releases new video for ‘Mere Anarchy’ + caught up in fake CIA drama
  11. Listen to the first new single from the upcoming Sinestar album
  12. Dance or Die is dead, long live Darkness on Demand
  13. Funker Vogt’s ‘Aviator’ gets 3-disc collector’s edition treatment
  14. Die Krupps ‘Volle Kraft Voraus’ gets vinyl treatment including… pink!
  15. Doganov – Twincest
  16. CAN gets immortalized in 2 new books: ‘All Gates Open’ and ‘Can Kiosk’
  17. Click Interview’ with Noyce™: ‘Music Has Lost Its Value Through Spotify And Others’
  18. Long awaited Raison d’Être LP ‘Alchymeia’ out now on CD and vinyl (+ limited edition T-Shirt)
  19. Smashing Pumpkins reunion confirmed… but without D’arcy Wretzky
  20. Erasure cancels shows due to illness Andy Bell
  21. Artwork for reissued Mortiis book ‘Secrets of My Kingdom: Return to Dimensions Unknown’ unveiled – Pre-orders available now
  22. The Arch releases new album song per song, first song out tomorrow
  23. Mortiis side-project Vond finally gets released via digital platforms – stream them here
  24. Kazuya Ishigami – Canceller X (CD Album – Kyou Records)
  25. ‘Click Interview’ with 11Grams: ‘A Futuristic Album About Transhumanism’
  26. Metroland launches double single ‘Man in a Frame’ – your discount download code
  27. Let’s help Claus Larsen (Leather Strip) & his husband Kurt to pay their huge medical bills !
  28. Brand new Aesthetic Perfection EP: ‘Ebb and Flow’
  29. Siva Six returns with 17-track strong remix album ‘nyx’ – preview here
  30. Massive Controlled Bleeding 10CD/book set expected – pre-orders available now
  31. Exclusive streaming upcoming Psy’Aviah album ‘Lightflare’ + interview
  32. Side-Line readers say ‘F**k off’ to Facebook’s newest page reach killing
  33. New Junksista album and download single available now – here is your reduction code
  34. Brand new album from the Belgian electro gothmetal act Lovelorn Dolls out now
  35. The Soft Moon releases new album + tourdates
  36. Haujobb to release live best-of collection in Spring: ‘Alive’
  37. ‘Click Interview’ with Xenturion Prime: ‘We’re More Interested In Evolving As A Band Than To Stay ‘Pure’
  38. Top 10 best-selling labels in the industrial music world in 2017 were…
  39. Surprise single release from Ljungblut: “Alt godt”
  40. ‘Click Interview’ with Gatto Nero: ‘A Good Groove And Harsh Beats’
  41. 50% off vinyl test pressings Front Line Assembly, Cevin Key, Die Krupps, … – here’s your discount code valid for 24 hours!
  42. Super sweet new Valentine’s Day single out by Cosmic Armchair – listen here
  43. Ludovico Technique releases official music video for ‘Absence’
  44. Give-away time: free tickets for the annual massive New Wave Club Class-X Party in Aarschot (BE)
  45. Erasure releases 2 new videos from ‘World Beyond’ – watch the videos here
  46. Solsun (project from Keith Milo of Cause & Effect) launches PledgeMusic campaign to fund debut album
  47. ‘Click Interview’ with Agrezzior: ‘Agrezzior Is Not Only A Band, It’s Like A Family’
  48. Back-catalogue Mentallo & The Fixer (and projects) reissued via Bandcamp in a remastered version – available now
  49. Miss FD reveals album cover (and teaser) for upcoming studio album ‘Transcendence’
  50. Second vinyl re-release by DAF now available for ordering: ‘Gold und Liebe’
  51. New Metroland album out in April, Bandcamp users get an a bonus track and there’s an Expo!
  52. Finnish based dark electro / aggrotech band Miseria Ultima begins training for shows in Spring 2018
  53. Preview the first 2 tracks from the upcoming Schwarzblut album ‘Idisi’
  54. 242 vinyl Week at Storming The Base at ridiculously low prices – your link
  55. ‘Click Interview’ with Implant: ‘Music Is A Bit Like Sex In A Long-Term Relationship’
  56. Dark electro act Avarice In Audio reveals first 2 tracks of upcoming album – and it’s hard and dirty!
  57. Soft Cell call it quits – final show in September in London
  58. Der Blutharsch to release last album ‘What makes you pray’ in 2 vinyl versions – listen to the first track
  59. ‘Click Interview’ with Encephalon: ‘The New Album Was An Intentional De-Evolution’
  60. Das Ich sees cult debut EP ‘Satanische Verse’ remastered on vinyl
  61. Die Krupps frontman Jürgen Engler launches EBM-only project Die Robo Sapiens – watch the video announcement + listen to first song
  62. All new Front 242 sideproject Lederman / De Meyer launched – check out the first track as livecasted on Facebook
  63. Johnny Cash related recording by Soundgarden’s late frontman Chris Cornell gets released – listen here
  64. Front 242 side-project Nothing But Noise preps for ‘eXistence Oscillation (Possible)’ album out next month
  65. English neofolk kings Sol Invictus return with ‘Necropolis’ album in 4 formats – check a first preview
  66. ‘Click Interview’ with Angelspit: ‘Overwhelmed With The Wonderful Cacophony Of Our Society’
  67. AD:keY returns with brand new 10th anniversary album + digitally re-releases full back catalogue of AD:keY and Rector Scanner
  68. The Mission issues 1990 and 1995 Rockpalast live recordings as 2CD/DVD set in May – pre-orders ready now
  69. Electro-rock formation Helalyn Flowers makes ‘Kamikaze Angel’ EP available for immediate download
  70. The Mission issues 1990 and 1995 Rockpalast live recordings as 2CD/DVD set in May – pre-orders ready now
  71. Martin Atkins releases free downloadable e-book: ‘Welcome to the music business… You’re fucked’
  72. Johnny Cash related recording by Soundgarden’s late frontman Chris Cornell gets released – listen here
  73. Front 242 side-project Nothing But Noise preps for ‘EXistence Oscillation (possible) Future’ album out next month
  74. AD:keY returns with brand new 10th anniversary album + digitally re-releases full back catalogue of AD:keY and Rector Scanner
  75. English neofolk kings Sol Invictus return with ‘Necropolis’ album in 4 formats – check a first preview
  76. ‘Click Interview’ with Ethan Fawkes: ‘“I Will Dance On Your Grave” Is My Dream Of Revolution’
  77. Debut album Dance or Die side-project Darkness on Demand available for ordering
  78. Armageddon Dildos prepare new album, but first… the ‘Herbstzeitlose’ EP – listen to 2 brand new tracks
  79. Requiem4FM returns with new EP ‘Rain Factory’ – check the video preview
  80. Spanish electronic scene from the eighties compiled on ‘Cronica Tecnica: compilation of industrial and noise from Madrid 1981-1991’ 2LP vinyl
  81. Front 242 and Underviewer announce new live dates + DJ sets
  82. Sweden’s industrial soundscape act Nordvargr returns with ‘Metempsychosis’ on CD/LP/CS and as download (with different tracklists)
  83. PIG has ‘risen’ back to life with new album expected in June
  84. ‘Click Interview’ with Sleepwalk: ‘Sleepwalk Is A Place To Canalize The Darker Emotions
  85. Re-release for Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance) and Marcello De Francisci album ‘Departum’
  86. Re-release for Coil / Bill Laswell album ‘City Of Light’
  87. Out now, the new Sirus single and video ‘Singularity’ + 3 physical formats – check it out
  88. King Dude CDr-only release ‘Tonight’s special death’ gets official re-release with bonus tracks
  89. Lors Of Acid return with ‘Pretty in kink’ album (also on vinyl)
  90. Miss FD presents video for ‘Despair’ taken from upcoming 4th studio album ‘Transcendence’
  91. 840 US Dollar per post. That is what Facebook wants us to pay in order to reach our followers.
  92. Metroland launches ‘Pictures To Listen To’ exposition on 24th March 2018 to coincide with launch new album
  93. 20th anniversary of Rozz Williams’ death remembered by vinyl and 2CD set release of ‘In the Heart’ and ‘On the Altar’
  94. Psyche compîled on mega limited CD ‘Under the radar’
  95. Parade Ground releases new album ‘Sanctuary’ in a limited run of only 300 copies – get yours here
  96. ‘Click Interview’ with Intent:Outtake: ‘We Are Truly Concerned About The Future’
  97. White Hills & Der Blutharsch launches ‘Desire’ vinyl – check the video for the title track
  98. ‘The music industry should stop promoting records by sexual abusers and rapists’ – says Chvrches’ frontwoman Lauren Mayberry
  99. Front Line Assembly to release all-new soundtrack for Carbon Games’ ‘Warmech’ – vinyl versions available
  100. DIE KRUPPS announce new single + tour with Front Line Assembly
  101. Mortiis set to re-release ‘Perfectly Defect’ album on vinyl (3 versions) and CD
  102. Actors – Hit To The Head
  103. Brian Eno to release ‘Music For Installations’ boxset in various formats
  104. Die Krupps side-project Die Robo Sapiens launches first download EP: ‘Teufelskreis – Tanz Mit Dem Roboter’
  105. Front 242 side-project Lederman / De Meyer launches debut download EP ‘A Tribe Of My Own’
  106. Excellent new ‘Kamikaze Angel’ single by Helalyn Flowers now also hits Spotify and iTunes
  107. Unity One preps release debut album ‘Awakening’ on SkyQode label – check out the album trailer
  108. Implant launch brand new download EP ‘Oxynoxe’ – check the new video and full EP
  109. Collide launches pre-order new album on Pledge Music
  110. Full AD:keY and Rector Scanner back catalogue hits Spotify, Itunes and co
  111. The new Happiness Project single ‘Big Cities’ is out now
  112. Adoration Destroyed launches ‘Never Mine Redux’ video – exclusive premiere on Side-Line
  113. ‘Click Interview’ with Miseria Ultima: ‘If You Work For Yourself And Be Diligent, You Will Get Something In Return’
  114. “Killing The Joke: The John Bechdel story” documentary coming soon!
  115. ‘Click Interview’ with Lovelorn Dolls: ‘From Darkness To Light’
  116. The new Ruinizer album (and single) are out now… and already half sold-out!
  117. Cosmic Armchair release 3rd single from electro pop album ‘Contact’
  118. Metroland launch very limited compilation ‘Pictures To Listen’ CD to coincide with expo
  119. Ex-Marilyn Manson keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy has a beef with Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan
  120. Chris Liebing signs to Mute Records – here’s a first new track
  121. Morrissey comments on Independent article calling it ‘an extreme hate piece’
  122. Avarice In Audio have released their new album, and it’s great!
  123. ‘Click Interview’ with Der Klinke: ‘In This Scene You Have To Realize That Music Is All About Passion’
  124. Dive sees 2 vinyls released: reissue ‘Grinding Walls’ (2LP) and ‘Let Me In’ (12inch)
  125. Grendel re-appears with ‘Age Of The Disposable Body’ – also on vinyl
  126. The Cyclic Law label celebrates its 100th release with Visions and Phurpa
  127. OOMPH! signs deal with Napalm Records!
  128. Juno Reactor hits back with 2LP vinyl release of the 2017 album ‘The Mutant Theatre’
  129. ‘Click Interview’ with Damage Control: ‘The Standard Has To Be High Or Why Bother Is My Motto’
  130. Reissue on red vinyl of Lydia Lunch classic 1982 album ‘13.13’
  131. C-Lekktor sees ‘Animals’ single released on vinyl (sold out!) and CD (+ download)
  132. Italian shoegazers act In Her Eye announce new album ‘Change’
  133. Norwegian dark ambient act Dødsmaskin finally sees ‘Ingenting’ debut officially released
  134. Hooverphonic has found a new singer: 17-year old Luka Cruysberghs – check out the new single
  135. Rammstein records first album in 9 years at La Fabrique in France
  136. Aiboforcen returns after 7 years of close to total silence
  137. Avicii found dead, aged 28
  138. ‘Click Interview’ with Raison D’être: ‘Symbols Are The ‘Common’ Language Between Our Inner And Outer World’
  139. Eggvn launch first download single ‘In God We are Damned’ – including Wumpscut remix
  140. Finally! The newest Helalyn Flowers album ‘Nyctophilia’ is available on pre-order now
  141. Lederman / De Meyer launch pre-sale of debut album in 4 formats including pitch black vinyl
  142. French dark pop/post-punk act ii launches cover version of Bauhaus’ ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ – check it here
  143. June release for brand new MZ.412 10 inch vinyl ‘Ulvens Broder’
  144. Dark wave band The Guests releases new EP featuring Bruno Kramm (Das Ich) remix
  145. Oscar And The Wolf release single ‘Fever’ in a remixed version
  146. Neurobash returns with brand new single ‘Mindset’ – listen here
  147. ‘Click Interview’ with Rome: ‘I Was A Huge Cave Fan As A Teenager’
  148. Wave Earplug compilation vinyl LP out next week
  149. Jah Wobble & Momo are set to release a new album
  150. 5th volume ‘Electronic Saviors’ 6CD set finally revealed – limited distribution, get yours here
  151. Special package for new Aiboforcen album limited to just 50 copies – check here to get yours
  152. Jean-Luc De Meyer (Front 242) featured on new Blac Kolor double vinyl album ‘Awakening’ (limited quantities)
  153. Die Robo Sapiens launch first official video, for ‘Tanz Mit Dem Roboter’
  154. Mortiis reveals further details on reissie ‘Perfectly Defect’ album and free remix album – check out 3 free tracks already
  155. Nachtmahr joins the resistance with their newest EP ‘Widerstand’
  156. Trisomie 21 rarities compiled on ‘Don’t you hear’ vinyl
  157. Massive boxset for the joined release between Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance) and The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices: ‘Boocheemish’ – formats available: CD/vinyl/2CD artbook/3CD + blue vinyl boxset
  158. ‘Click Interview’ with Schyzzo.com: ‘I’m Fed Up With The Endless List Of Boring Productions Released Over The Past Few Years’
  159. One to definitely check out: the synthwave project Nebula Black – preview available
  160. Check out teaser new Nine Inch Nails album ‘Bad Witch’ – order it here on CD and vinyl
  161. Listen to first new Front Line Assembly track ‘Mechvirus’ taken from OST Carbon Games’ latest game, WarMech!
  162. Side-Line interviews Mute label boss Daniel Miller: ‘The Lederman / De Meyer version (of ‘Back To Nature’) is very good!’
  163. ‘Click Interview’ with Darkness On Demand: ‘I Believe That Science Fiction Is Going To Become Reality’
  164. The Arch launch video ‘Cocks Populi’, the 4th single from their upcoming album
  165. New Rhys Fulber studio album out on June 6th combining dance and EBM
  166. Former Human League member Ian Burden launches new solo album on 25th May
  167. Hanzel Und Gretyl continue to go satanic on new album ‘Satanik Germanik’
  168. Psy’Aviah to release new single before Summer starts – you can already enjoy the video for the track
  169. Debut album Phil Western finally gets a vinyl reissue (including a super funpack with test pressings)
  170. Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) featured on new Goldfrapp single ‘Ocean’ – listen here to full track
  171. Arcana’s legendary albums get re-issued on both CD and vinyl via Cyclic Law – pre-orders available now
  172. Black Tape For A Blue Girl kickstart 12th album ‘To Touch the Milky Way’
  173. Deep Six gets long forgotten ‘Brave new waves session’ material released on green vinyl
  174. ‘Click Interview’ with Pro Patria: ‘You Had To Feel The Pain’
  175. Robert Görl (DAF) finally releases lost Paris tapes on vinyl and CD
  176. DAF classic hits get remix-treatment on ‘Rework’ – also available on vinyl
  177. Legend issue remastered ‘Fearless’ debut album on (red) vinyl
  178. I:Scintilla unleashes video for new track ‘Carmena Saturna’
  179. ‘Click Interview’ with Ager Sonus: ‘ I Was Always Fascinated By Egypt On Multiple Levels’
  180. Psy’Aviah lands 19-track strong EP – incl. 3 bonus tracks exclusive to Bandcamp + remix kit
  181. Industrial act Totem Obscura joins up with 80’s legend Hubert Kah on ‘Helden’ EP
  182. French electropop duo Scratch Massive launch video for ‘Last Dance’ – recommended!
  183. Lebanon Hanover’s newest album also gets the blue & red vinyl treatment
  184. Artoffact Records reissues 3 Decree albums on vinyl – finally!
  185. De/Vision to release new album ‘Citybeats’ in June in 2 versions: 2CD and CD – check a first preview
  186. OOMPH! announces new album + European tour in 2019!
  187. Electro Spectre invites to remix contest for the new single ‘The Way You Love’
  188. ‘Click Interview’ with Stoppenberg: ‘I’m Not Familiar With Contemporary EBM’
  189. Side-Line presents: 10 free tickets for W-Festival – Amougies (BE)
  190. Side-Line presents: M’era Luna festival 2018 – Hildesheim (DE)
  191. Daniel B. Prothèse interview: ‘I reused and pirated the EBM thing’
  192. Lisa Gerrard collaboration with Cye Wood out now on vinyl
  193. Melotron return with all new album ‘Für Alle’
  194. Blutengel makes 5 vinyl collection box ‘History Volume 2’ available now
  195. Classic Coil aka Black Light District album gets reissue with bonus track
  196. Indradevi – Idols
  197. Einstürzende Neubauten finally give 2005 fan-only album a proper release
  198. Solveig Matthildur sees 2016 debut released on vinyl (2 colours) and CD as well
  199. Hold the press, Ashram is back with an all new album: ‘Human and Divine’ !
  200. ‘Click Interview’ with Undermathic: ‘I’m Not The Man I Used To Be’
  201. State Of Being returns for brand new album ‘Awake’
  202. Now available via Spotify, iTunes etc., the brand new Psy’Aviah EP ‘Looking For The Sun’ – incl. 3 bonus tracks on Bandcamp + remix kit
  203. Juno Reactor releases rather stunning new video for 2nd single ‘Let’s Turn On’
  204. New EP by Totem Obscura (feat. Hubert Kah) has landed on all digital download and streaming platforms
  205. Storming The Base launches massive sale #WarChest – here’s the direct link
  206. OMD to release 40th anniversary book ‘Pretending to see the future’
  207. Mortiis announces limited edition releases via Dead Seed Productions + ‘Era 1’ live show dates
  208. Page releases EP “Start”, includes Apoptygma Berzerk remix
  209. I:Scintilla remixed – remix contest for new single ‘Carmena Saturna’
  210. Psy’AViah’s newest video ‘The Great Disconnect’ shot in ghost town of Doel
  211. Splendid new video by Madben feat. Rebeka Warrior and Manu Le Malin
  212. Interview with Daniel B / Prothese: ‘I Don’t Want To Be Confined In A Genre That Creates Expectations And Borders’
  213. Depeche Mode 12
  214. ‘Click Interview’ with She Spread Sorrow: ‘The Music Is Just An Explanation Of A State Of Mind’
  215. Out now, the brand new Aiboforcen album – check it out in full!
  216. Helalyn Flowers have released a new album – full stream available
  217. Double vinyl reissue for And One’s ‘Bodypop’ album
  218. I:Scintilla launches yet another one-track single taken from forthcoming album ‘Swayed’ + official video
  219. Halo In Reverse finally returns with an all new album in September – The first 2 tracks can be previewed now!
  220. ‘Click Interview’ with Tycho Brahe: ‘It Is Painful To See Very Little Financial Return On The Recorded Work Through These Streaming Services’
  221. Debut for Lederman / De Meyer project is out today! Enjoy the full preview of the album now
  222. Komputergirl releases ‘Timelines’ single
  223. Alfa Matrix launches massive sale: 50% reduction on almost all 400 releases
  224. AD:keY launch brand new digital single ‘Never enough’ – stream it /download it completely here
  225. Watch new The Smashing Pumpkins video for new single ‘Solara’
  226. Technomancher releases ‘The Outsider’ EP with Apoptygma Berzerk and Angst Pop joining in Depeche Mode cover song
  227. Die Form reissue ‘Tears of Eros’ on vinyl for the very first time including bonus
  228. ‘Click Interview’ with Mnemonic: ‘I Make Music In A Rather Unspectacular And Traditional Way’
  229. ‘Click Interview’ with Struck 9: ‘Good Things Take Time…’
  230. Jah Wobble launches World Cup Single ‘England (Your Time Is Now)’
  231. Cyclic Law records is now taking pre-orders for the upcoming new album by Vortex “As Gods Fall” which will be available as a 2CD
  232. Desireless launches special (delicious!) 2018 version of eighties hit ‘Voyage, Voyage’
  233. Mortiis to tour South America for the very first time with halts in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Ecuador
  234. Throbbing Gristle enter second stage reissue series with 3 albums in various formats
  235. Back in time with Lederman / De Meyer : ‘Working at Front 242 early 90’s’
  236. Psy’Aviah launches new video for ‘Looking For The Sun’ featuring Lumí – watch it here
  237. Ritual Aesthetic exclusively premieres new video ‘The Analog Flesh’ taken from upcoming album ‘Wound Garden’ on Side-Line – watch it here
  238. ‘Click Interview’ with Maschine Brennt: ‘Kraftwerk Is Very Important For Maschine Brennt’
  239. ‘The Chaser’ single from The Ghostly Ravens – new exiting project from Fredrikstad
  240. Funker Vogt also offers limited edition new ‘Wastelands’ album with bonus tracks, new EP ‘Feel The Pain’ out now
  241. Einstuerzende Neubauten releases ‘Grundstück’ for the first time on the commercial market in 2 formats: Vinyl + DVD / CD + DVD
  242. Artoffact Records to re-issue collected works of Cyberaktif (feat. Skinny Puppy, FLA members)
  243. Ajna joins Cyclic Law label and launches ‘Lucid Intrusion’ album – preview it in full
  244. Darkwave artist Base 211 releases action figure & download kit
  245. Swedish dark ambient artists Pär Boström launches Bonini Bulga project via Cyclic Law records
  246. Artoffact Records launches massive Bandcamp merch sale – check it out
  247. The Prodigy to release new single ‘Need Some1’ later today – but you can already preview it here
  248. New PIG single in the making, but for now enjoy the new video ‘The Revelation’
  249. I:Scintilla announces 5 finalists for remix contest
  250. Kraftwerk plays live with ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst – watch the video