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  1. Excellent new single for the female fronted act Mirreya: ‘Grey’
  2. New wave electro act Winter Severity Index to return with 2nd album, ‘Human Taxonomy’, out on vinyl and CD – listen to 2 tracks already
  3. The Italian electro wave act Ash Code hits back with follow-up ‘Oblivion’ album: ‘Postman’ – out on vinyl
  4. a-ha sees first VR video released from their Spektrum show in Oslo, Norway (May 3rd): ‘Sycamore Leaves’
  5. Mental Discipline sees 2 digital EPs united on a limited CD release
  6. Mari Kattman prepares to release ‘Hover’ album
  7. ‘Click Interview’ with THYX: ‘The Wave Between Sound And Resonance’
  8. Front 242 lands on Instagram – and we found out about it :)
  9. Stopmotion animated music video for synthpop / darkwave act Uncarnate – watch here
  10. Lucifer’s Dream – Remember
  11. Metroland launches remix contest for upcoming ‘Brothers’ single
  12. Displacer issues ‘Curse of the black vinyl’ on vinyl – order now
  13. Spark! reboots with new frontman and releases ‘Maskiner’
  14. Synapsyche releases 2nd full length ‘The Abyss Effect’ via SkyQode
  15. Sophia see ‘Unclean’ album released on vinyl – available now
  16. ex-Revolting Cocks members reunite for 6 USA dates as The Cocks
  17. Controlled Collapse announce new single: ‘Lust’ – listen to a first track
  18. The techno EBM act Codex Empire returns with a second vinyl EP in a ltd edition – available now
  19. ‘Click Interview’ with De/Vision: ‘We Never Wanted To Get Stuck In Some Kind Of Routine’
  20. New Out Out single ‘Look Up, Hannah’ premiers exclusively on Side-Line
  21. ‘Click Interview’ with Lights Of Euphoria: ‘We Are All ’Traumatized’ Somehow And So Is Our Earth’
  22. a-ha’s Morten Harket making first tribute song ever to saxophone player Bendik Hofseth
  23. Ayria and Inertia have started their joint UK tour!
  24. Cities Last Broadcast joins the Cryo Chamber family and releases 2nd album – listen to 2 tracks already
  25. Promo video trailer Elektroklänge’s label debut EP ‘Mechanische Tänze Nos. 1
  26. The ‘Im Rhythmus bleiben (A Tribute to Front 242)’ set gets re-released in yellow on 242 copies – you can order your copy here
  27. Belgian post-punk act Whispering Sons to launch ‘Endless Party’ album on vinyl+CD
  28. Plenty of industrial music pins available, get yours now!
  29. Extremely limited 2CD boxset new Marsheaux album ‘Ath.Lon’ incl. excl. tracks available now – only 100 left !
  30. Norwegian electronica artist Komputergirl releases single “Lightbody”
  31. Side-Line presents: M’era Luna festival – Hildesheim (DE)
  32. ‘Click Interview’ with Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio: ‘Sex Rouses Attention – Philosophy Rouses Suspicion’
  33. Listen to the exclusive preview of the new Diffuzion EP ‘Still Believe’
  34. Gareth Jones and Nick Hook unite as Spiritual Friendship project – an interview: ‘I think the rough demos were the trillions of hours both of us have been working our whole lives.’
  35. Exclusive preview new Suicidal Romance EP ‘Your Name’ featuring 10 year old demo recordings ! Listen now!
  36. First details leak from upcoming Front 242 boxset
  37. Metroland selected by the official Swedish Stockholm underground to score OST for promo video
  38. Rave The Reqviem launches 3-track single ‘Mono Heart’ on 7inch, 2x 7inch and as download – listen now
  39. Depeche Mode in the studio in Santa Barbara recording a new album – here’s the proof
  40. Babylonia releases video for ‘Back To You’ single
  41. Front 242 sees ‘Geography’ super deluxe boxset released next to other vinyl versions
  42. Controlled Bleeding hits Wall Street Journal with new studio album ‘Larva Lumps & Baby Bumps’ – order your vinyl copy now
  43. Midsummer sale at Storming The Base – here’s the link !
  44. Covenant releases 4-track EP ‘Sound Mirrors’ on vinyl and CD – order your copy now
  45. Pride and Fall return with ‘Red for the dead – Black for the mourning’ album in a deluxe set including a 2LP and 2CD
  46. New Delerium album ‘Mythologie’ available now in pre-order on vinyl (and CD) and it’s Metropolis Records 1000th release!
  47. PIG returns! ‘The Gospel’ gets a 2LP vinyl/CD treatment!
  48. Assemblage 23 to prepare new ‘Endure’ album as a deluxe 2CD set, vinyl and normal CD
  49. No less than 4 formats available for new Mesh album ‘Looking skyward’
  50. ‘Click Interview’ with Schonwald: ‘Playing Live Is An Emotional Waterfall’
  51. New 5-track single for Heimataerde: ‘Hick Hack Hackebeil’
  52. New Order prepares new ‘People on the high line’ single for July 29 – listen to a first remix
  53. What does the Brexit mean for the music industry?
  54. Blutengel forced to rename ‘Omen’ album to ‘Save Us’ due to legal dispute
  55. Insane Records to launch ‘Terror Night Vol.2 Sound Of Dead Future’ compilation holding 100% exclusive tracks
  56. Founding Bauhaus member Kevin Haskins to release coffee table book on Bauhaus: ‘Bauhaus – The Archives’
  57. In Strict Confidence offers 3CD set for reissue ‘La Parade Monstrueuse’, get yours now
  58. Dark ambient artist Robert C. Kozletsky aka Apocryphos returns with ‘Stone Speak’ – listen now
  59. ‘Click Interview’ with Psy’aviah: ‘I Always Wanted To Incorporate Styles And Not Pin Myself Down To Just One Genre’
  60. Lassigue Benthaus gets 1991 debut album ‘Matter’ reissued as a 2CD set
  61. Dismantled’s Gary Zon launches new project Lizvfer & The Tree – check the first track
  62. ‘Star Trek Beyond’ trailer hits the internet – watch it now
  63. DARK SOUNDS FESTIVAL 2016: Covenant, Electro Spectre, Mondträume, Dark Side Eons
  64. Paul Kendall announces boxset ‘From The Penman Press’ including a new physical version of his ‘Angleterror’ download album
  65. Prozium launches debut single, the electro infested dubstep ‘Plastic Planets’ 7-tracker – listen here
  66. Ghost & Writer go live (finally!)
  67. ‘Click Interview’ with Mildreda: ‘I Am Sure We’re All Coward Philosophers Now And Then’
  68. Video premiere: “War” by Silent Wave
  69. Arsenio Archer debuts with ‘Just A Little Time’ single – recommended!
  70. The dark electro outfit Gamma10 finally offers us a new album: ‘Listen to me’
  71. Summer Sale continues on the dark ambient label Cryo Chamber
  72. Mesh present videoclip for new ‘Kill Your Darlings’ single – watch it now on Side-Line
  73. Collaborative dark ambient album ‘Locus Arcadia’ ready for pre-order via the Cryo Chamber label
  74. Lacrimas Profundere return with ‘Hope is here’ on 2LP vinyl (and CD)
  75. Symbion Project premiers brand new song from upcoming album ‘Arcadian’ – listen here
  76. Front 242 announces ‘No Comment’ reissue – full details available now!
  77. Side-Line presents Infest 26-28/08 feat. 3Teeth, Dead When I Found Her, Leaether Strip, …
  78. Boytronic returns after 10 years of silence with new single ‘Time After Midnight’ – watch it here
  79. Ennio Morricone collection compiled on “Paura” CD (the first volume) and vinyl (the second volume)
  80. Psy’Aviah has new live singer + hits the live road again after a long concert silence
  81. Indochine launches 28 minute film on Tidal: ‘Road Tour Film’
  82. In Strict Confidence issue 2nd EP of forthcoming album (and the cover artwork will probably get this post banned by Facebook)
  83. ‘Click Interview’ with nTTx: ‘It Boils Down To Thinking Of Some Altered Reality Where A Great Song Was Done In This Genre, And How That Would Play Out’
  84. Essence Of Mind to play Subkulturfestivalen (SE), M’era Luna (DE) and Autumn Moon festival (DE) + start work on new material
  85. Model Depose joins the Trisol label – single and album in the pipeline
  86. BOREDOMproduct launches it’s yearly July 14 sales revolution – guillotine prices!
  87. Achim Windel (Placebo Effect) is no more – RIP
  88. Tom Erdelyi has lost battle against cancer, the last surviving original member of the Ramones is dead at age 65
  89. That’s how Depeche Mode left the studio after recording there for 6 weeks
  90. Tim Muddiman and The Strange release new EP and album
  91. Alan Vega (Suicide) dead at age 78
  92. John Fryer’s Black Needle Noise project launches new track ‘Treasured Lies’ and video for ‘I Face The Wall’
  93. Jah Wobble And The Invaders Of The Heart unveil new video: ‘Cosmic Love’ – watch it on Side-Line.com
  94. New Mythical Records music compilation ‘Odyssey of Rapture vol. 3’ up for pre-order
  95. Legendary UK act Venus Fly Trap hits the road, here are the first 4 UK dates already
  96. Marilyn Manson thinks he’s a sound technician and fucks up
  97. Setting the tone at a corporate event
  98. Beborn Beton to release ‘She cried’ EP as 7-track vinyl and CD
  99. ‘Click Interview’ with Helalyn Flowers: ‘Helalyn Flowers Are Irresponsible And Incorrect, Dirty And Wet’
  100. Music Piracy: Why It Hurts Everyone
  101. Watch the first trailer for ‘T2’, the ‘Trainspotting’ sequel
  102. Swedish harsh EBM act TraKKtor departs on small US tour in August
  103. David Gahan (Depeche Mode) records David Bowie cover for charity together with Mark Lanegan (The Screaming Trees), Martyn LeNoble and Christian Eigner
  104. Armageddon Dildos’ Dirk Krause and Aidan Casserly (Empire State Human, KuBO) team up for new Ferrochrome project – listen to 3 songs already
  105. Controlled Bleeding interview: ‘It was hard finding my bearings after losing my two long time collaborators’
  106. More Summer Sale new from Cryo Chamber with 50% off all Alphaxone downloads
  107. The Cure’s Lol Tolhurst releases memoirs on the band’s peak years (1976–1989) – order right here
  108. 50% of the industrial music festivalgoers absolutely not afraid of terror, 12% will avoid all festivals
  109. New album by the Finnish duo Kolhoosi 13, ‘Monuments of Power’, available now for pre-order at Cryo Chamber
  110. ‘Click Interview’ with Exponentia: ‘I Want To Create An Imaginary Music World, Populated By Phantasmagorical And Fantastic Creatures’
  111. DIE KRUPPS & CALIBAN – Alive In A Glass Cage
  112. “Sid & Nancy – Love Kills” back in cinemas and on DVD
  113. 3 new Noise Unit to be re-released as deluxe vinyl sets – full order info
  114. Here’s how the Paul Kendall boxset ‘From The Penman Press’ looks like!
  115. Metroland to officially release ‘Brother’ single tomorrow – 1 year after Louis Zachert passed away
  116. Syntec hint at new album with new ‘Catch my fall’ single
  117. Diorama to release new ‘Zero soldier army’ album this Fall, re-issue ‘Pale’ album with bonus tracks
  118. New Norwegian electronica project KIST releases debut album ‘Musickist’
  119. Avarice In Audio return with ‘Anthracite Nights’ EP – listen and download now
  120. Kromak releases new 5-track EP including a cover of Depeche Mode’s ‘Sister Of Night’ in 2 different versions
  121. Gamma10 launches new video for the song ‘Forever’ – watch it now!
  122. New Nine Inch Nails (promo) single expected in September (if Discog is correct that is)
  123. 5th album Rummelsnuff, ‘Rummelsnuff & Asbach’, gets a vinyl and 2CD release
  124. ‘Click Interview’ with Horskh: ‘We Want To Exchange A Strong And Powerful Energy With The Audience’
  125. Casino Operators turn to EDM to entice new visitors
  126. Lucifer’s Aid debuts with ‘New To Reality’ – check already a first track
  127. Ghost & Writer play rare gig this Saturday 13/8 at Fort II Wommelgem (Antwerp/Belgium)
  128. Clannad’s Pádraig Duggan died this morning, 67 years old
  129. Exclusive preview Gang Of Four’s ‘Live…In The Moment’ live album – watch/listen to a first preview
  130. The Orb announce new ambient album ‘5th Dimensions’ – listen here!
  131. Kirlian Camera to collaborate with Covenant on new album
  132. RVO debuts with ‘Taciturn Manner’ and releases a first video – and we love it!
  133. New Order launches ‘Stray Dog’ beer, named after a track on the band’s most recent album ‘Music Complete’
  134. ‘Click Interview’ with Amnistia: ‘We Record Whatever We Have In Mind Or Just What Comes Out When We Use Our Machines’
  135. New Leonard Cohen album coming up, ‘You want it darker’, and it might be his last one
  136. Calva Y Nada re-release ‘Das Böse macht ein freundliches Gesicht’ as 2CD set with 12 live bonus tracks
  137. Psy’Aviah launches new music video ‘Face to Face’ ft. Roeland van der Velde (Model Depose)
  138. Metroland’s new double single ‘Brother’ out now via Spotify, iTunes, etc.
  139. ‘Click Interview’ with Növö: ‘I Personally Can’t Conceive To Create A Musical Piece With A Mouse And A Controller’
  140. Must-See Rock Documentaries
  141. Pixies release new track: ‘talent’ from upcoming album ‘Head Carrier’ – listen now
  142. Sex Gang Children announces ‘The Jezebel Singles Tour 2016’
  143. Former Nine Inch Nails member James Woolley passes away – aged 50
  144. Metatron Omega’s ‘Sanctum’ album released on Cryo Chamber – experimental Delerium fans, check this one out!
  145. Black Needle Noise returns with ‘Warning Sign’ track featuring Kendra Frost
  146. cEvin Key posts update after reconstructive plastic surgery (done whilst docs were listening to Skinny Puppy music)
  147. Covenant to release new ‘The Blinding Dark’ album on CD, 2CD and vinyl – pre-orders available now!
  148. SNOG sees fall release for CD-version ‘The Clockwork Man (Non-compliant Remixes in the Age of Obedience)’
  149. Rotersand finally hits back with new work: ‘Capitalism TM’ – available now for ordering
  150. ‘Click Interview’ with ProtoU: ‘Reflection Of Calm Mind’
  151. Electropop act Snuttock hits back with ‘Rituals Redux’ – listen now to the first songs including a Leaether Strip remix!
  152. Straight from Belgium, the electropop act Bazart – you never heard of them before although they are massive in Flanders (Belgium)
  153. Listen to an exclusive preview of the new 11-track album by one of France’s best electropop product Foretaste!
  154. Massive tribute to Rational Youth to be released on 3LP (+ 2CD) – time to order your copy (there are no digital copies)
  155. Please… don’t shave with CDs
  156. ‘Sound Mirrors’, the new Covenant single – out now!
  157. ‘Click Interview’ with Markko Barrientos Sanchez (C-Lekktor, Circuito Cerrado, Kromak): ‘I Have Nothing To Prove To Anyone Else Because I’m Not Looking For Fame’
  158. Electro Spectre label Crab Key Records releases album from the brand new project Model1
  159. Leaether Strip launches ‘Spectator’ album on 2CD and red vinyl – get your orders in now
  160. Diary Of Dreams back among the living with ‘Relive’ 2CD set
  161. Understanding When to Invest in DJ Speakers
  162. Glass attack on John Lydon (PiL) in Chile
  163. Rome to release ‘Hate us and see if we mind’ EP on vinyl – listen now
  164. Cryo Chamber releases the Flowers for Bodysnatchers album ‘Love Like Blood’ + offers free shipping on all U.S. orders
  165. Kant Kino has completed the recordings of a brand new album – finally!
  166. Brand new Rome album ‘The Hyperion Machine’ issued on a sweet orange vinyl (incl. CD)
  167. 3 new Elegant Machinery EPs in the making
  168. Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) featured on new The Mission album ‘Another fall from grace’ – order now on 2CD+DVD and 2LP
  169. ‘Click Interview’ with Chiron: ‘Art Is Supposed To Be A Struggle’
  170. Apoptygma Berzerk pays tribute to his roots on ‘Exit popularity contest’ – to be released on cassette and CD – you can order your copy here
  171. Massive Attack’s Del Naja rumoured to be guerrilla graffiti star Banksy
  172. Cryo Chamber reveals the followup to ‘Cthulhu and Azathoth’: ‘Nyarlathotep’ – list of dark ambient artists revealed!
  173. Minimal synth artist Kriistal Ann reissues splendid ‘Cultural Bleeding’ on vinyl in October – a must-have !
  174. Dave Ball (Soft Cell) and Jon Savage release soundscape album ‘Photosynthesis’
  175. Synths Versus Me duo to issue 12 inch ‘1987’ in October – vintage EBM which you can preview here
  176. Ghost & Writer show background videos for upcoming live shows
  177. Kuolemanlaakso returns with ‘M. Laakso – Vol. 1: The Gothic Tapes’ released on (red & black) vinyl and in a CD boxset
  178. ‘Click Interview’ with Kriistal Ann: ‘Art Is A Soul Retreat; It Is An Instrument That Ennobles People
  179. Karl Bartos releases ‘Communication’ deluxe fanbox with bonus track and lots more!
  180. Spotify to stop free streaming (or at least limiting it)
  181. Synfactory launches ‘Demon’ single – listen here to a preview!
  182. Cubanate frontman Marc Heal releases first solo album ‘Adult Fiction’ – listen to the first single now!
  183. Foretaste launches ‘Lost in Space’ video and releases new album ‘Space Echo’ – listen now on Side-Line !
  184. Smashing new industrial mix by Acylum of Sacha Korn’s ‘Feuer’ out now
  185. Covenant to release boxset with 2CD and 3LP vinyl for new album ‘The Blinding Dark’ – get yours here
  186. Depeche Mode releases ‘Video Singles Collection’, a 3DVD set video anthology + more releases coming up
  187. Hoshin lands ‘Path of Dissolutions’ album on Cryo Chamber – dark ambient at its best!
  188. Project by a-ha songwriter, Waaktaar & Zoe, signs with Norwegian record label Drabant Music
  189. Kriistal Ann featured on new Aidan Casserly album ‘Incubus’
  190. 3 re-issues for classic Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet
  191. Apoptygma Berzerk drops video teaser ‘Exit popularity contest’ and it fucking sounds awesome! Order your copy on cassette, vinyl and CD right here.
  192. Project Pitchfork to release new album ‘Look up, I’m down there’ also as a mega-limited 2CD art book – get your copy here
  193. Bros are back (for a European Arena comeback worth £10 million – wouldn’t you?)
  194. Welle:Erdball re-release ‘Frontalaufprall’ and ‘Alles int möglich’ albums as 2LP picture vinyl – order your copy here
  195. Symbion Project releases 8th album + releases video for ‘The Charmed (feat. Jenni Potts)’ – watch now on Side-Line
  196. Sol Invictus gets classic 1994 album ‘Death of the west’ re-released on vinyl
  197. 190 minute dark soundscape album ‘Nyarlathotep’ available for pre-order
  198. Növö launch video for ‘The Shortwaves’ to announce upcoming EP
  199. French tribal gothic rock band Nova Et Vetera to re-release 2013 album ‘Dead Waltz’ on vinyl – order here
  200. Moby & The Void Pacific Choir announce debut album ‘These Systems Are Failing’
  201. 10 vinyl LP boxset for Blutengel ready for pre-order: ‘History – The Vinyl Collection’
  202. Zos Kia / Coil album ‘Transparent’ finally out for the very 1st time on CD on 2 vinyl LP since 1983 cassette release
  203. Last day on this must-have Kickstarter: RazorCandi gothic punk deathrock pinup coffee table art book
  204. ‘Click Interview’ with Mesh: ‘The idea of using the latest synth preset or some popular soft synth has never really appealed to us’
  205. New Order unveils ‘People On The High Line’ video – watch it on Side-Line
  206. Totem Obscura hit back with ‘Blutiges Eisen’ 13-track EP
  207. Wim Mertens completes triptych ‘Cran aux Oeufs’ with ‘Dust of Truths’
  208. ‘Click Interview’ with Olaf Wollschläger Vs. Mesh: ‘I think it is really important to understand the artist in what they want to achieve’
  209. Aesthetische strike back with an extremely club friendly dance electro EP feat. a Neuroticfish remix – exclusively available via Bandcamp (for now that is)
  210. The Clash revived in ‘London Town’ feat. Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Joe Strummer – watch the teaser
  211. Simple Minds to release ‘Simple Minds Acoustic’ in November
  212. Ljungblut releases “Over skyene skinner alltid solen” album – interview with Kim Ljung
  213. Depeche Mode to announce tour dates and new album on October 11
  214. Marilyn Manson to record new album, release expected for Valentine’s Day 2017
  215. Get your copy of the new Marc Heal EP ‘Adult Fiction’ right here
  216. 5th volume in ‘Coldwaves’ series available (and it looks great with Cubanate, Stabbing Westward, …)
  217. Snog sees ‘The Clockwork Man’ album released on transparent white vinyl (200 copies only)
  218. Extremely limited CD version (with lots of non-downloadable bonus tracks) of new Psy’Aviah EP ‘Chasing The Speed Of Light’
  219. Electropop act Kuta has new album ‘Blueprint’ released on limited vinyl
  220. Greek cult dark electro duo Siva Six finally returns with a full album! Listen to the first tracks from ‘Dawn Of Days’ – pre-orders available now on CD and as HQ audio download
  221. Daniel B. (Front 242) sees mega-limited tape released for his Prothese project: ‘MusicForMutedTV 3’ – listen here
  222. Electro-pop solo project from Keith Milo (Cause & Effect) SOLSUN launches first 2-track single ‘The Only Ones?’ / ‘Eccentric Uncle’ – listen here
  223. Caroline Crawley (This Mortal Coil) has passed away, another great talent gone this year
  224. Spanish electropop sensation Mondträume returns with ‘Free’ EP on limited fan-CDS edition and as HQ download
  225. Mick Harvey (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) returns with 4th and final volume of Serge Gainsbourg translations
  226. RIP Anna Wildsmith (Sow, Pig)
  227. Incredible – and we mean it – vinyl sale at ArtOfFact on Marsheaux, Cevin Key, … 50% and more off! – here’s the link!
  228. Kant Kino ready with recordings of new album ‘KopfKino’ (and bonus CD ‘KomaKino’)
  229. ‘Click Interview’ with Throbberstalk: ‘It Wouldn’t Make Any Sense To Continue What Ended More Than 15 Years Ago’
  230. Bros reunion gig sold out in… 7 seconds!
  231. Did you know this (very fake) Kraftwerk sitcom ‘pilot’?
  232. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) complete recordings new album
  233. Einsturzende Neubauten finally releases ‘Live at Rockpalast’ 1990 live album as deluxe 2LP set – order here
  234. ProtoU returns with 2nd album on Cryo Chamber: ‘Khmaoch’ – out now
  235. Depeche Mode play ‘Spirit’ album teaser single during press event in Milan, Italy
  236. We The North to launch debut album ‘Dayblind’ – order right here
  237. Depression Era debut with ‘Volume 1’ 6-track EP – listen to ‘Good Night Sweet Charlatan’
  238. Dear Deer lands vinyl version debut ‘Oh My …’
  239. ‘Click Interview’ with Nature Of Wires / CountessM: “Cyber Rendezvous”
  240. Front 242 side-project Nothing But Noise (feat. Daniel Bressanutti & Dirk Bergen) launches ‘eXistence oscillation Past’ album – order now on Side-Line.com
  241. Storming The base launches € 2,71 compilation including (exclusive) tracks by Dead When I Found Her, v01d, Out Out, Noise Unit, …
  242. Collection d’Arnell-Andréa’s breakthrough album ‘Villers-aux-Vents’ finally gets a white vinyl treatment – orders accepted now
  243. Rave The Reqviem launches 2nd album ‘The Gospel of Nil’ in a superlimited collectible hardback mediabook format – orders accepted now
  244. Dark ambient act Dronny Darko to launch 3rd album ‘Spira Igneus’ on Cryo Chamber – pre-orders available now
  245. Delcious brand new download for John Fryer powered project Black Needle Noise with Jennie Vee – listen here
  246. Numa Echos launches new video: “Insanity” – watch now on Side-Line
  247. Ayria & Inertia go on a joined US Tour in Fall/Winter 2016, the dates have now been announced!
  248. Dismantled launches short East Coast tour – watch the trailer
  249. Shrine dedicates new ‘Ordeal 26.04.86’ album to 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster – listen to the previews
  250. ‘Click Interview’ with Foretaste: ‘We Choose To Do What We Love And Not What Our Fans Would Expect From Us’